Happy censorship day! The poster for Young Jean Lee’s just-opened Untitled Feminist Show has a little something in common with Google, Wikipedia and many other major sites that are protesting two anti-piracy bills: the censor’s little black rectangle. Gender norms and Internet freedom might not have much in common, but today they’re sharing some pretty arresting imagery.

Untitled Feminist Show, part of PS122’s COIL Festival, advertises itself thusly…

… as do these protesting websites:




Seems there’s been a run on virtual, wedge sharpies, eh?


Alas, It’s True: We’re Gonna Die

Young Jean Lee (photo by Kevin Yatarola)

Young Jean Lee’s just-closed cabaret at Joe’s Pub ends with the simple, comforting song “We’re Gonna Die.” (It’s also the name of the show.)

We’re gonna die

We’re gonna die someday

Then we’ll be gone

And it’ll be ok (Listen to the song here)

Lee isn’t the slightest bit ironic or sardonic – the evening’s jumble of stories and songs exists, she tells us upfront, to generate some kind of collective comfort to suffering, to make private unhappiness a public, unifying bond. Lee’s message is delivered in a refreshingly heartfelt, anti-arch way. It’s like a good backrub: “it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok.”

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