theater-words turns TWO!


Happy birthday, theater-words, and welcome to the terrible twos!

Last year was a full house of commentary, musings, interviews, pictures, and everything in between.

Of particular note was that beautiful, abandoned Detroit theater (featured on Freshly Pressed!), and the start of the exciting TheaTour! series. There was the Joe Mielziner lovefest, and those beautiful Grandma Plays. We even found Cinderella of Into the Woods in Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, Wild.

Smash (oh Smash!) made for good interview fodder and photo fun, and the Let’s Chat! series launched with Colt Coeur’s Adrienne Campbell-Holt. A new trend, the DEOSP, was spotted. And the TEAM’s Mission Drift made a good launching pad for some NYC-related pondering.

Rounding things out were bits on volume control and Anything Goes posters; silence and strangeness at the Tonys.

All that was good. But next year will be better. I PROMISE!

Bring on the teething!

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