Twenty-Four Follies

Ron Raines in Follies: “I would give—what have I got?—my soul’s of little value, but I’d give it to be twenty-five again.”

What about twenty-four? Hey, that’s how old I turned the night I caught Follies. It was a smash of a party, what will all those lines like, “The only thing I want from you is a divorce;” or, “There’s no one in my life; there’s nothing;” and, “I want another chance.” Happy Birthday, indeed!

But seriously—all that talk of age and regret could trick you into thinking Follies a deadly graveyard party for the geriatrics. That’s hardly the case: The show still registers as a beautifully layered “sorrowful précis” (to quote one song), even if you’re in the under-forty set.

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