Just Visiting?

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Welcome to town, stranger! Looking mighty fine. By way of introduction, here are some theater-words highlights.

Numbers-wise, Detroit House  has been the most popular post ever on theater-words–apparentely there are lots of old theater lovers out there. Close behind is the “Dramatic, End of Play Set Change,” this blog’s attempt at staying on trend. My take on ART’s “Pippin”  may interest you, as might “With the cast of WAR HORSE,” a little interview I had with those egomaniacal horse stars at Lincoln Center. “Here Come the Royals” is the chronicle of a Broadway opening night (always a good time!) and “Signs of Doomsday” reminds us that, yes, the end times are near.

For the more thoughtful among you, “ARCADIA and The Grid” interweaves Stoppard and urban planning, and “Sad Summer Shakespeare” is my indictment of those awful classics we’ve all seen (and seen and seen).

If, like me, you’re a book fan, you might be interested in “Down and Dirty,” which profiles Broadway’s “Jerusalem” and the stellar, creepy novel “Swamplandia!” You’re also sure to enjoy “Cinderella of the Pacific Crest Trail,” a comparison of Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild” and “Into the West.” Then, for all you fans of Orhan Pamuk (and gun control)  there’s “Don’t Fire! The Guns Are Loaded!” Even Gertrude Stein makes a Theater-Words appearance, having emerged from the grave to pen the odd “Gertrude Stein Sees This.

Lastly, there are the theaters themselves. For pictures of a bygone 42nd Street, read “An Adjustment on the Deuce.” “Fading Palace” also has some lovely West Coast theater pix.

So enjoy your stay, friend! Drop on by the town bar when you’re done. We’d love to know what you thought.


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