Theater-Words is a different kind of theater journalism/ criticism. It’s writing that steps away from the thumbs up or down standard, that stares deeply into the DNA of a production to come up with something penetrating, engaging, and descriptive. It’s writing that mirrors the actual theatergoing experience in all its fragmented, associative, random splendor; that confronts plays, ideas, and anything theater-related with broader culture and the world.  It’s also, hopefully, a lot of fun!

Theater-Words is written by me, Harrison Hill. Hello! I’m a copywriter at Broadway’s coolest ad agency, I act in plays, and I never misplell anythingg.

You can check out a sampling of my other published work at the links below.

American Theatre Magazine, “I Get a Sidekick Out of You;” in PDF or HTML
– NYU’s Mercer Streeta collection of essays; click here
TCG Circle— topics ranging from theater sequels to touring in Canada to and and beyond.

Also, I’m always on the lookout for a good story. If you have a show, a topic, or anything you think theater-words readers might like to know about, let me know! You can get in touch at

Thanks for reading!



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