Sweet and Sad and Cheap

You know that wonderful relief you feel settling into a new episode of a favorite TV show? That’s the sensation I got at the Public’s Sweet and Sad, a real-time sequel to last year’s That Hopey Changey Thing. “It’s the Apple family!” you think with a smile. “My how I’ve missed them!” (Both plays are by Richard Nelson.)

Hopey Changey was “about” the 2010 midterm elections, Sweet is “about” the tenth 9/11 anniversary, but what makes the plays wonderful is the fully-realized characters and the episodic pleasure that comes with returning to them. Fortunately for us, the entire cast of these two “Apple Family Plays” has remained the same. Their super-naturalistic performances were great then, and they’re great now.

And all for $15? Who’s knows how the Public is managing that one, but their LAB series officially makes theatergoing cheaper than the movies.

Fingers crossed the Apples are back next year, too!


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