Alison Bechdel: The Musical

The happy family of "Fun Home," by Alison Bechdel

Flipping through the 92nd Street Y catalogue (I’m a cool person, right? Right?!) I stumbled on a class brilliant playwright Lisa Kron will be leading in October. Anyone who’s seen Kron’s work knows how awesome she is, but her 92Y bio amped up the awesomeness to a new level: “Lisa Kron has been writing and performing since … blah blah blah… Upcoming projects include a musical based on Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home” with composer Jeanine Tesori.”

Hold the phone. Let it hereby be proclaimed the This Is A Brilliant Idea: “Fun Home,” a memoir in graphic-novel form, is a groundbreaking, moving, mammoth piece. (I’m not the only one who thought so — in a bold move TIME Magazine named it book of the year.) The idea that it might makes its way onstage as a musical seems so appropriate, so exciting, so perfect. “Fun Home’s” larger than life quality is grounded in haunting real-life drama and love, and it wants to sing.

“Fun Home” was apparently workshopped in 2009, so cross those fingers, people, let’s hope this one happens!


... Any thoughts?... C'mon!

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