Yes, “Book of Mormon” is a Hit…

… but just how big of a hit?

To find out, take a glance at the Eugene O’Neill’s marquee.  In the grand tradition of “Cats” (those yellow eyes!), “Phantom” (that mask!) and “Merchant” (Pacino!), words have given way to a single, iconic image– in this case, a shiny doorknob. Tickets cost  $8,000,000, it’s “the best musical of the century,” there aren’t seats until 2020, but it’s the marquee, I think, that says it all.

The demand for this (admittedly fun) show is so insane, the brand so instantly identifiable, that titles are superfluous. Now that’s what I call a hit.

Are those South Park guys the new Andrew Lloyd Webber?


... Any thoughts?... C'mon!

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