Poster Implants

London may be theatrical mecca, but British ad firms have a decidedly trashy bent when it comes to marketing shows: shiny, bubbled, or bedazzled lettering. 2D, classy type just doesn’t cut it. If you want to be a populist, West-End hit, you need implants. Examine the evidence.

Here in America, “Rock of Ages” is simple and shiny:

… but in London, it’s gotten the Agelina Jolie treatment:

“Million Dollar Quartet” gets a respectable, understated handling in New York…

Million Dollar Quartet Broadway

…but that kind of marketing only works on stupid Americans! Englanders march to the tune of “Million Dollar Quartet: 3D and Shiny.” Calling all crows!

“Wicked’s” American poster has a fine, matte finish…

… but it becomes oddly claymation-y across the Atlantic, and gets some fabulous bling and lens flare action.


I could go on…

and on…

and on…

You get the picture. Next time I head to London, I’m bringing shiny metallic face paint and facial injections. You’ll see, I’m gonna fit right in!


... Any thoughts?... C'mon!

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