Belarussian Update

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that “Dozens of governments pledged more than $120 million in aid to opposition groups in Belarus.” The US and EU recently implemented sanctions against this former Soviet State’s officials. (In December Belarus enacted violent crackdowns on dissidents following its corrupt presidential election.)

Last week I wrote about a peaceful protest held several blocks from the Belarussian Mission to the UN. Spearheaded by the Public Theater—where the peresecuted group “Free Belarus” was performing “Being Harold Pinter”—the demonstration was well-behaved but heartfelt. It’s encouraging to think that that protest may have been some small part of the renewed interest in Belarus’ rocky relationship with free speech. Maybe it, um, made a difference?!

Here’s hoping prosperity, freedom, and great art emerge out of this development.

Jeevay Belarus, indeed!


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